Important information:

It is not possible to guarantee that you will produce a full portfolio of work by the end of the course, you may require further sessions.  Much depends upon your starting point when we begin our sessions. All work will be assessed at the end of our last tutorial and guidance provided.

Before committing to tuition, consider whether you have the time necessary outside of our tutorial time to put into practice what has been learnt. You will be expected to commit to 5-15 hours a week (20-60 hours a month) of self-guided study between sessions to achieve the best outcome. Each of the five sessions is arranged in 2-4 week intervals to allow for development of the work to evolve between sessions.


Other considerations:

Weather building a folio, developing textile experiments, sourcing materials, ordering professional processing or making samples, you will be spending money. It is advisable to set aside a weekly budget to cover whatever your developments require:


                           Printing: £10-30pcm (estimated)

                           Folio work: £20-50pcm (estimated)

                           Textile sourcing & experiments: £50-100pcm (estimated)

                           Making Samples: A significant expense – full costing should be completed


My method of teaching is not for everyone!

My teaching encourages students to explore fashion design as an art form as well as a product. My teaching begins from the position that UK fashion at its best is youthful, progressive and experimental and not centered on current perceptions of beauty, luxury or glamour. My approach may not be suitable for those wishing to mass produce a simple, commercial clothing or sportswear range.


Useful Information

  • All courses will be run from my Holborn Studio London, situated at Cockpit Arts
  • Building access: No access to the building unaccompanied at any time during or outside timetabled sessions.
  • Your place will be confirmed on receipt of full payment which is non-refundable
  • Equipment and basic art materials will be provided for all workshops
  • Access to on-line advice between lessons available (email only) between the dates of your learning


If English is not your first language:

Before booking your first consultation, consider weather you have a sufficient level of English to make the most of your study experience.

If I feel our communication is not fluid enough for the subtleties needed to convey ideas and articulate creative intention I may deny your application to the full pathway.


Terms & Conditions:

  • You must be over 18. 
  • Dates and times are arranged with individuals and confirmed only when full payment, which is non-refundable, has been received. 
  • If you cancel a pre-arranged lesson/consultation within less than 24 hours of the confirmed start time, you will forfeit the full price of that lesson/consultation.
  • Lessons/consultations will start and end at the arranged time not the time that you arrive if you are late. 
  • A block of tuition must be completed within six months of your first lesson. 
  • Prices, terms & conditions are subject to change.  Please check details before booking.