To become a competitive and relevant designer in today’s intense and over-saturated markets you need to develop a clear and relevant style.

Mentoring offers the opportunity of Individual, or very small group tuition, allowing you the luxury of focusing on your own specific study needs.

From my London studio, I will guide you through the design process, from the initial concept to the final presentation of a fully proposed collection line-up. Focusing on your personal approach to the subject as the catalyst for defining your design language.

We will cover a diverse range of research and design techniques as you generate the work necessary to arrive at a well-explored, creative and relevant outcome. 


This opportunity is for those wanting to

  • Develop a portfolio for application to university (degree level and above)

  • Develop a product to take to market

  • Start up a design driven business



  • Intermediate - Advanced


Typical skills to be developed throughout the mentoring

  • How to conduct a diagnostic review of your design process and intended market

  • Writing a Seasonal design brief

  • How to research & design (using current methodologies)

  • Preliminary Sketching and development of design work

  • How to review Fashion as a visual resource for design

  • Texture Sourcing: Fabrication and innovation of surface

  • Understanding colour palette & visual merchandising

  • Enhancing design development skills

  • Range planning & line-up development

  • Line-up review



  • Ability to achieve a cohesive visual narrative in your work

  • 2D to 3D experimentation as design analysis

  • Show fashion awareness in creative choice making

  • Design development skills

  • Resolved collection proposal

  • Skills in fashion communication

  • Practical application and guidance on your next steps



Please contact me by email or complete an Expression of Interest form.  You will then be invited to attend a 2 hour consultation to generally advise and establish whether my sessions are a good direction for you to take.

The consultation will last 2 hours and can take the form of a portfolio review (of existing work) or, if you have no work to show we can agree a set project to be presented before being accepted as a student on the 5-session program.

You will also be given general direction and professional advice regarding your intended creative journey.


Consultation Fee:

  • £90 (to be paid in-full and in advance of your consultation)

Fee Options:

One-To-One tuition:

  • £135 Per 3 hour session

  • £600 for 5 x 3 hour sessions

To be paid in-full, in advance of your first session

Group Option: (2 - 4 Students)

Suitable for design teams or partners

  • £100 Per 3 hour session (per student)

  • £450 for 5 x 3 hour sessions (per student)

To be paid for in full and in advance of your first session

Each 3 hour session:10.30am - 1.30pm (unless arranged otherwise) with date(s) to be agreed in advance

Note: If you arrive late without 24hrs notice the session will still end at 1.30pm (no refunds)

Extra Tutorials: (minimum booking notice: 48Hrs)

  • £45 Per 1 hour tutorial

All consultations, workshops & tutorials to be paid for in full and in advance of your first sessions

Student Feedback

Ian is a brilliant tutor / mentor! Not only does Ian possess a deep-seated knowledge of the fashion industry, he is incredibly experienced in his field and, most importantly, is a designer/practitioner himself with his own brand. Ian communicates and teaches in an inspirational and also entertaining way. He likes to challenge existing thinking constructively to try and get the best ideas and original concepts. He does not tolerate mediocrity and is very honest in his approach. I have learned a huge amount and benefited a great deal from Ian's teaching. I would have no reservations whatsoever in highly recommending him to any designer wishing to launch their own fashion brand or anyone who might need expert consultancy with any aspect regarding fashion design. Ian's refined aesthetic and understanding of the industry, coupled with his very positive and helpful approach will not fail to improve or enhance a design collection.

Gemma Street

Is a bespoke Student setting up a luxury womenswear brand 2018


Please join me for a two-day fashion seminar.

Using vivid and engaging visuals this entertaining and informative series of presentations will offer an insight into the workings of the fashion industry from the perspective of an independent designer. 

During this weekend seminar I shall lay out the UK market system and identify the positioning of key brands and designers, to reflect on the way they communicate with their audience (or tribe).

We will discuss the complex issues facing designers today, as well as attempting to navigate the complex and diverse industry in search of the future of fashion.


  • The design practitioner

  • Journalists-Stylists-Communicators

  • Those considering a career in the fashion industry

  • Design driven business start-ups

  • The sartorially curious


  • The curious - Intermediate – Advanced (all events are catered to the level of the clients)



  • COFFEE BREAK: 11.30-12PM

  • WORKSHOP: 12-1.30PM

  • LUNCH BREAK: 1.30--2.30PM


DATE: (contact for details)


FEE: £120





  • Exploring methods of R&D: Research & design

  • Deconstruct the 5 elements of fashion trend analysis: detail – colour – texture – silhouette – mood

  • Focusing on Colour as Commercial Palette

  • Identify available textile sourcing & innovations


Laying out the design journey of a collection as a key to understanding and developing your own processes and product.

We will observe how other designers use the storytelling potential of the collection to communicate with their customer (tribe) So we can begin to identify our own design intentions.

We will discuss the positioning of the design process within the supply chain and how designers communicate ideas to the wider industry and why innovation is the key focus of most brands.

We will focus on the current independent and aspirational design marketand Identify the emergence of potential new practices

Look at trend communication and argue that the current idea that trend is now obsolete. 






By focusing on individual garments and their specific retail purposes we can begin to understand how to deliver a focused, purposeful product. 

  • The Fashion 5: Garment & wearer

  • Range Planning: Laying out its necessary components: Directional - repeat - on-trend & innovation lead garments.

  • Explore ways that fashion communication has evolved.

From the, once relevant, sartorial magazine with their biting critique and informative visual language, to the revolution of the modern blogger and instagram generation. Where is it all heading and how can a new designer get noticed?

  • Establish Market Specific ideas that relate to a focused customer (tribe)

  • Begin to understand where new methods of presentation, delivery and consumption may occur.

  • Innovations in Fashion Communicating

  • Consider why traditional systems of delivery are perhaps no longer the most efficient.

  • Looking at the supply chain to understand the order of events that bring products to market






  • Questions and interaction from participants will be encouraged, so it’s a good opportunity to meet with the like-minded.

  • Key elements of each seminar will be digitally available as a record of the evening topics.

  • Refreshments are supplied: water, juice, Tea & Coffee, pastries


Student Feedback

Ian was an amazing professor and gave insight into the process of concept to design and creation. He really changed my view of how to approach a concept and research a topic thoroughly through firsthand experiences. Moreover, he taught me how to identify who I am as a designer at a crucial point in my studies. I cannot thank Ian enough for his knowledge from concept, research, design, and technical detail. The lectures he gave us and the in-class assistants was helpful each day. He spoke and taught us with encouragement and inspiration and made it his priority that each student got attention and proper guidance.


Sydney Loew

Studied Fashion Design at Central Saint Martins

on my FESP program 2018




Ian has taught for the last 18 years at globally renowned Central Saint Martins where he is currently the course leader of the Fashion FESP (Free Elective Semester Program) for international degree students looking to Study Abroad for a semester of their education.  He has also lectured at The Victoria & Albert Museum, London College of Fashion, Chelsea College of Art and overseas at Parsons The New School Paris, UAL Buenos Aires, International Creative Art and in China, at both the Design Academy and Light & Shadow Fashion Design Academy.

Ian has combined his extensive teaching career with over 25 years of independent and prêt-à-porter fashion industry experience as a freelance designer, studio manager and master pattern cutter, alongside running his own successful men’s bespoke accessory company.

With his combined experience in teaching and industry, Ian has a broad understanding of the demands of being both a design practitioner as well as a student of fashion and takes pleasure in sharing his vast knowledge with his students. 

Important information:

It is not possible to guarantee that you will produce a full portfolio of work by the end of the course, you may require further sessions.  Much depends upon your starting point when we begin our sessions. All work will be assessed at the end of our last tutorial and guidance provided.

Before committing to tuition, consider whether you have the time necessary outside of our tutorial time to put into practice what has been learnt. You will be expected to commit to 5-15 hours a week (20-60 hours a month) of self-guided study between sessions to achieve the best outcome. Each of the five sessions is arranged in 2-4 week intervals to allow for development of the work to evolve between sessions.


Other considerations:

Weather building a folio, developing textile experiments, sourcing materials, ordering professional processing or making samples, you will be spending money. It is advisable to set aside a weekly budget to cover whatever your developments require:


                           Printing: £10-30pcm (estimated)

                           Folio work: £20-50pcm (estimated)

                           Textile sourcing & experiments: £50-100pcm (estimated)

                           Making Samples: A significant expense – full costing should be completed


My method of teaching is not for everyone!

My teaching encourages students to explore fashion design as an art form as well as a product. My teaching begins from the position that UK fashion at its best is youthful, progressive and experimental and not centered on current perceptions of beauty, luxury or glamour. My approach may not be suitable for those wishing to mass produce a simple, commercial clothing or sportswear range.

Useful Information

  • All courses will be run from my Holborn Studio London, situated at Cockpit Arts

  • Building access: No access to the building unaccompanied at any time during or outside timetabled sessions.

  • Your place will be confirmed on receipt of full payment which is non-refundable

  • Equipment and basic art materials will be provided for all workshops

  • Access to on-line advice between lessons available (email only) between the dates of your learning

If English is not your first language:

Before booking your first consultation, consider weather you have a sufficient level of English to make the most of your study experience.

If I feel our communication is not fluid enough for the subtleties needed to convey ideas and articulate creative intention I may deny your application to the full pathway.


Terms & Conditions:

  • You must be over 18.

  • Dates and times are arranged with individuals and confirmed only when full payment, which is non-refundable, has been received.

  • If you cancel a pre-arranged lesson/consultation within less than 24 hours of the confirmed start time, you will forfeit the full price of that lesson/consultation.

  • Lessons/consultations will start and end at the arranged time not the time that you arrive if you are late.

  • A block of tuition must be completed within six months of your first lesson.

  • Prices, terms & conditions are subject to change. Please check details before booking. 


Through out the year we look forward to meeting you and showing our latest collection at Open Studio

and other trade and retail events.  

Watch this space for NEW EVENTS/ WORKSHOPS & OFFERS





Designing with colour

13 – 15 June

Fri: 7 – 8pm, Sun: 1 – 2pm

Only 4-6 students per session

A unique opportunity to gain an insight into the process of colour storyboarding for fashion and textiles.

Please book ahead for these mini-taster sessions.
Most pre-booked workshops are £17.50 and tickets include materials.



R&D: Research & Design for Fashion

Bespoke Saturday Class

Saturday 6th July 2019

Saturday 10th August 2019

!0am - 3pm

Only 4-6 students per session

This intimate one day event, from my London Design studio, is designed for those interested in the design process of fashion. Through active discussions, video presentations and interactive practical workshops, the day will give you a greater insight into the process of designing a collection and how research plays a major role in defining a collection…

Book through